Cosmetic Color Contacts: From Dark To Green Eyes

There are two different types of cosmetic colored contact lenses – opaque color tints and enhancement tints. People with dark eyes should use opaque color tints to change the color of their eyes, whether their desired color is hazel, gray, amethyst, violet, blue, or green. Costume contact lenses (also known as theatrical contact lenses) are a subcategory of opaque color tints. These are special-effect lenses for novelty use, creating a Marilyn Manson spiral, alien, jaguar, or pupil-less effect, among others.

An enhancement tint is, as the name implies, a see-through yet solid color contact used to enhance the current color of your eyes. Those with light eyes desiring a more intense color should use enhancement tints. (There is also a third type of colored contact known as the visibility tint. These are the lightest colored contact lenses possible. A visibility tint is a very light green or blue tint added to a contact lens to improve its visibility while putting it in or taking it out of your eye, or if you should happen to drop it. However, the tint is so light that it does not actually change your eye color at all).


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Cosmetic colored contact lenses look entirely natural in shape, although various brands may be constructed differently. For instance, some color contacts have a pattern of extremely small colored dots on the lens to achieve greater realism, while others are simply fully shaded. No matter the construction of the contact, the center of every lens is clear so that the wearer can see.

Popular colored contact lenses colors include green, blue, hazel, purple, brown, gray, and variations on these. The cost of cosmetic colored contacts can range anywhere from $15 to $30 per pair, but with a little Internet research, it should be relatively easy to find an affordable investment. U.S. law dictates that all colored contacts be bought with a prescription. Any cosmetic colored contacts found sold over-the-counter in beauty salons, gas stations, or other stores in the U.S. are illegal and should be avoided at all costs.



If you want to go for a more showy effect with color contacts, choose a lens color that is very different from the mascara and eye shadow shades you usually favor (if you wear them, that is). If you have brown eyes or dark skin, consider choosing color contacts in lighter shades, such as blue, green, or violet.If you are looking for a more natural, subtle look, try purchasing blue enhancer lenses, which will enhance your natural eye color while subtly defining the edges of your iris. If you already have blue eyes, try picking up gray or green cosmetic contact lenses. For those of the brown-eyed variety, pick a warm contact lens color to blend in more readily, such as hazel.From daily disposable contacts that allow you to change your color from day to day to monthly color contacts meant to be worn day to day, whatever your cosmetic color contact needs, there is a brand available to fit them.


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